About Us

About Berkshire PoodlesWelcome to Berkshire Poodles & Bichons Located in the heart of Berkshire County in Lenox Dale, MA. Berkshire Poodles is a family owned breeding program run out of the home of Lee Kohlenberger, a retired Career FireFighter for the City of Pittsfield, and his wife Kaitlyn Kohlenberger, a Physical therapist/ IT Manager at Berkshire Medical Center. Lee and Kaitlyn have two daughters, Jacqueline age 9, Charlotte age 7 and a son Connor who's 3 years old who very much enjoy their roles as puppy socializers. Poodles are their hobby and passion, they are not a kennel. They pride themselves on their carefully planned litters based off of their always growing wait list, always finding happy homes for their puppies. It is their belief that poodles are the perfect dog for everyone! The high level of intelligence and ability to interact with other dogs, kids and visitors makes them the perfect family dog. The fact that they do not shed and are hypoallergenic is just icing on the cake.

Berkshire Poodles bought their first two Standards in 2012 from Joan Alexander of Alexander Poodles. They have since greatly upgraded their stock retiring those original lines helping to greatly improve the breed. Adding lines bred by Marie Hedeman from Ash’s Mystical Poodles, Penny Harney from Pinafore Poodles, Carolyn Carroll from Mithril Poodles, Rachel Perky from 'Anolani Poodles, Dawn Craig from Heel Creek Kennel and Terry Wellman from Gulfbreeze Poodles. Most importantly they have added lines from the prestigious Piedmont Kennel in Lithia Fl. Their goal is to combine these long established lines to create a unique and very special Berkshire Poodle. They health test all of our breeding adults for the following: Hips, elbows, eyes and thyroid. Canine Health Information Center numbers provided below. Berkshire Poodles briefly added a toy poodle program from 2015-2018 but retired the toys realizing no dog is a Standard Poodle and that's the breed that drives them. In 2021 to fill the void for customers looking for a 10-15 pound dog the Kohlenberger's added Bichon Frise to their home. Two beautiful girls from Piedmont Kennels in FL and a male and female from Luxury Fashion kennel in Ukraine.

Please feel free to check out their poodles and available puppies. Their puppy page also has up coming planned litters. Berkshire Poodles breeds according to their waiting list so please contact them if you would like to be on it.

Berkshire Poodles & Bichons always welcomes potential customers to visit and see their process. This is not the average breeding program and they'd love for you to come visit and see why.

The Perfect Dog

Poodle's are the perfect dog for everyone. The high level of intelligence and ability to interact with other dogs, kids and visitors makes them the perfect family dog.

Selective Breeding

We health test our breeding age poodles for the following; OFA hips, OFA elbows, thyroid, & eye CERF. Our show dogs are sometimes tested further as a formality. Our poodles come from healthy, health tested lineage dating back many generations.

Raised with love

Poodles are our passion. We carefully plan our litters based off our always building wait list. Call today to learn more about our confident, adorable puppies.