Berkshire’s Andromeda, “Annie”

Annie is our black female standard poodle. Annie is the first dog we’ve bred to be apart of our breeding program. Her Dam is Daisy who we’ve sense retired and replaced within our program with Annie. Annie is the granddaughter of Grand Champion C-N-C’s Showstopper-All The Raige. She is being fostered by Jessica Sammons and the entire Sammons family who live right by us. Annie was born 11/21/2015. CHIC number and health testing results coming once Annie is of age.

We plan on breeding Annie to Hank in the Late Summer 2017. We expect Black, Red, Apricot and Cream puppies.

The Perfect Dog

Poodle's are the perfect dog for everyone. The high level of intelligence and ability to interact with other dogs, kids and visitors makes them the perfect family dog.

Selective Breeding

We health test our breeding age poodles for the following; OFA hips, OFA elbows, thyroid, & eye CERF. Our show dogs are sometimes tested further as a formality. Our poodles come from healthy, health tested lineage dating back many generations.

Raised with love

Poodles are our passion. We carefully plan our litters based off our always building wait list. Call today to learn more about our confident, adorable puppies.